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About Steve's Card Store

Steves Sports Cards

TitanUp01 is a username that I've been using for a while now, and can be found on eBay.

As you can no doubt tell, I'm a big Tennessee Titans fan. Have been since the Earl Campbell days of the Houston Oilers. In baseball, I've been a Cincinnati Reds fan since the 70's during the "Big Red Machine" days. My favorite player, even to this day is Johnny Bench.

Who Am I?

My name is Steve. And like you, more than likely, I'm just your joe average sports card collector. I've been collecting baseball, football, some basketball, and even hockey (at times) on and off since I was just a kid.

I remember the days from when I was a kid of walking all the way down to the gas station, and for a dollar or two I could get a number of packs of cards. The excitement and fun of opening up a pack of cards and hoping to get a card of your favorite players or favorite team. It was a lot more affordable then. There were no "chase" cards, no autographed cards, no redemption cards - just base cards for the set of that year.

I remember when there was only Topps. Then in the early 80's two more manufacturers came in - Donruss and Fleer. I remember thinking at that time having three companies making cards was too much. Nowadays, the sheer number of sets by all the manufacturers can be overwhelming. Not to mention expensive.

About this Store

Simply put, any of the cards listed here are from my personal collection. I have a broad range of cards both graded and ungraded. Obviously, if graded the condition of the card is stated. You'll notice that I may have a few different grading card companies that I have used. While companies such as PSA, BGS and SGC are the most well known, I have also started using GMA Grading. Frankly, they are cheaper and I have found that their grading is on par with the big boys. I have sent cards graded by GMA to PSA and they actually came back with a higher grade!

Non-Graded Cards

I do not profess to be an expert when it comes to grading cards, so I'm not going to tell you that something is GEM MINT or MINT or whatever. Often, the cards look a whole lot better in person than from a scan or even a picture. So if you ever really would like to have a higher quality (pixel-wise) scan or picture of a card - please use the CONTACT form on this site to request it. I'll do my best to email you a better quality picture or scan to help you decide. Otherwise, all cards are sold "as is" and unless you've got a very legit gripe or issue - all sales are final. I will also assure you that I will treat cards the way I would want them treated. They will come fully protected to the best of my ability.

Will You Accept Offers or Trades?

Maybe. If you would like to make an offer on a card or some cards, or would like to propose a trade, then use the CONTACT form on this to do so. The worst I can say is no. Who are my favorites when considering trade offers? Tennessee Titans, Cincinnati Reds, Marcus Mariota, Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, Nolan Ryan, Ken Griffey Jr., Earl Campbell, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Joe Montana. Again, you never know.

To all of you - Thank you and Happy Collecting!

Fellow Collector